A Fellow Wanderer

We met Carrie when we stopped to watch the sunset in Cedar Key. Just like us, Carrie is a wanderer. Her home is a converted public safety van from a college in central Florida; she’s currently parked in the driveway of an artist who charges her rent in the form of odd jobs. Before taking to the #vanlife, Carrie lived on the trails. She loved the solitude of hiking alone, mixed with the community at busy camping sites. 

But, she’s finding community in the van culture as well. This past Thanksgiving she attended a van meet up, where the vehicles ranged from luxury models to those barely limping along. 

“Are you afraid of breaking down? That’s one thing I noticed,” she told us. “No matter how fancy the van, everyone is afraid for that breakdown that blows your budget.”

Cedar Key, Florida. December 22, 2017.

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