A Miracle (or a Mechanic)

Like most things in life, travel has its ups and its downs. Sometimes you’re in need of a mechanic and a miracle…. Sometimes you find yourself in a remote corner of the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by people who laugh, cook, hike, and tell stories around campfires with you. 

We’ve experienced plenty of both extremes.

After seven weeks in the Umpqua National Forest, we’re heading back on the open road. 

The next six weeks will take us through northern Idaho, up and around Montana, through the Dakotas, and down through Colorado. We’ve put a big circle around El Paso, Texas, with a goal of arriving by September 1st. 

There are still so many photos to share and stories to tell from Umpqua, so stay tuned - we’ll miss the quiet, but we’re looking forward to a regular internet connection!

Toketee Falls Campground, OR. July 2018.

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