American Psychological Association

We’re thrilled to have one of our photos of the Nashville Rollergirls on the cover of the American Psychological Association’s journal, the American Psychologist. Also inside the journal is a full writeup of our project and wanderings!

Back in November, my dad was at an APA meeting, and, as dads do, was looking at our website during a break. One of the artistic editors of the journal happened to look over his shoulder and asked about the work. 

She encouraged my dad to encourage us to submit work for the journal - and he happily passed along the message. 

The photographs were reviewed by a second artistic editor and the Editor-in-Chief of the journal; while both are friends of my dad’s, it turns out neither of them connected the name until we sat down for the interview. 

You can order your own copy here:

Nashville, TN. October 2017.

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