An El Paso Native

James is a true El Paso native. Born here 50 years ago, he remembers when the rivers of the Rio Grande would flood in the Springtime, continually shifting the border between Mexico and Texas.

He grew up speaking Spanish - using El Paso’s distinct Spanish slang - benefiting from family-oriented neighborhoods and the Abeula driven culture of the area. Before increased security and, as he put it, the “tortilla curtain,” Ciudad Juárez and El Paso functioned as one large city.

James left after college, traveling to Europe for grad school and eventually settling into the tech world in Silicon Valley. 10 years ago, with his father ailing James returned to his hometown. Now, seeing the area through new eyes, he’s fallen in love again with El Paso. (Although, he does admit that he’d kill for good Indian food - and, he pointed out, there is a reason “as useful as another Mexican restaurant in El Paso” is a saying.)

We connected with James after first seeing him at the Women’s March El Paso; yesterday morning he found us at Hillside Coffee & Donut Co., noting that a “long-haired, bearded guy with a camera” stands out.

El Paso, Texas. April 2018.

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