Big Sur

Earlier this week we left LA and kicked off our wanderings up the Pacific Coast Highway. (We’ll end up in Vancouver, B.C., so please shout out any recommendations you might have!)

To date, we have one very serious complaint:

Despite checking at least three gas stations and one gift shop, we’ve found no Twizzlers, only Red Vines. (We also came across a gas station with a $5 a gallon price tag, so perhaps we have two complaints. But that’s it!)

To quote AJ, the retired police officer who was our neighbor at a campsite in Morro Bay, “it’s pretty bitchin’ just to be here.” And, it’s true. Just like us, AJ has “itchy feet” and a wandering soul. But, there’s something about the Central Coast that has kept AJ happy, despite his long travel bucket list.

We took AJ’s advice and spent a day near McWay Falls in Big Sur. This 80-foot-tall waterfall is about 40 miles south of Carmel. Take a look at organizations like the Big Sur Land Trust to learn more about the unique challenges facing the coast.

Big Sur, McWay Falls, CA. May 2018.

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