Cody, WY

We’re (voluntarily) stranded in the wild west. As far as places to be stranded go, the home of Buffalo Bill isn’t a bad one.

Saul Goodvan went into the shop for a steering fix and the shop noticed our transmission. They felt our “eh, we’re keeping an eye on it” plan of action for our transmission was extremely unwise. 

When weighing our options (gamble and continue, head straight to El Paso and figure it out there, or stick it out here and work on a fix), we decided that we’d spent enough time waiting for tow trucks in the past year. We’re currently waiting on the parts to rebuild our transmission - it will be a week or so before we can drive off. 

There’s still plenty of ways this plan could go wrong, but it’s part of the travel. For all of the “living the life” feelings, there are plenty of “well, now what?” feelings. We’re glad to be on this journey, but it isn’t easy. Thanks for being a part of it - and remember, if you’d like more content (and you’d like to support us financially) you can do so through our Patreon account. The link is in the comments.

Cody, Wyoming. August 2018.

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