Dispatches from the Road: Saul Goodvan breaks down, alligator poaching & more

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It’s been a while since we sent out a general update, so we thought we’d fill you in. 

We arrived in Florida in December and quickly realized that, yes, life without snow is better than life with snow. (You can fight us on this one, but you won’t win. We’re team temperate weather.)  

We’ve had quite a few adventures in the Sunshine State, ranging from mud bogging to alligator wrestling to Daytona Bike Week. It’s been pretty great. 
We were heading to El Paso, Texas in February when Saul Goodvan decided he had other plans and quit running. 

Since powering Saul like a Flinestone vehicle failed, we scheduled an engine replacement.  
Six weeks later, and the update from the shop is: the old engine is out, the new, rebuilt engine is in, and the new engine is actually … broken. 

We’re waiting for more news from the shop, and we’re brainstorming next steps: do we fly to El Paso? Rent a car and head temporarily west? Do we take a bus to New Orleans and a train to El Paso? Do we stick around Florida as we wait for Saul to recover? Suffice to say Saul will be washing dishes and raking leaves the rest of his van life to pay off the procedure, but we’re committed to getting back on the road. 

Onward and upward. We’ll keep you posted.

Now, on to the fun stuff: 

  • TtW made our debut on the Bitter Southerner today with a story of Hoss, an ex-marijuana smuggler turned airboat captain we met in Everglades City. Read all about it here

  • Justin’s show, Constructed Scenery, is opening in Boston on April 6th. Come see us there from 6 - 9pm! The show will be hanging from April 6 to June 1 at Studio 229, 450 Harrison Avenue in Boston’s SoWa Arts District.

  • We launched an Etsy shop, etsy.com/shop/TendencytoWander. Our mermaid greeting cards are available for purchase. They are going like hotcakes - we sold 1/3 of our inventory in 24 hours! - so don’t miss your chance!

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Happy wandering,


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