I’m Looking for Ted

There are 477 campsites in the ranger district where we work. (Just setting the scene.)

Last week we were in the info center when a man walked in. He’s limps towards us. 

I ask him how I can help.

In a very thick Russian accent he says, “I need some information that might be hard to come by.” 

(“Oh. This is getting real,” I think.)

“I’m looking for a man. He’s staying here.” (Remember, 477 campsites, most with multiple people in them.)

The Russian continues, “this man, he is old. He looks like a hippie. He has no teeth and long hair. He is Ted.”

(“No teeth? Long hair? Ted? Holy moly, I might know that guy,” I think.)

“Oh!” I exclaim. “Do you mean Grateful Ted?!”

YES! That is my friend. Where can I find Ted.”

I give the man directions. As he heads out the door I realize, and shout, “if Ted owes you money, please don’t tell him how you found him!”

Diamond Lake Visitor Center, Umpqua Ranger District, Oregon. June 2018

Learn more about Ted here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/grateful-ted-19634601

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