Lunch Meat Larry

Last night we headed into Gainesville to pick up donuts and gaze upon the wonder of the Krispy Kreme neon sign. Along the way, we met Lunch Meat Larry - a fellow wandering soul, who is currently living in a monkey habitat in Florida. 

Lunch Meat Larry played us a song he had written about life in the slow lane, a life where fishing when the fish are biting is more important than showing up to work on time. The song, he shared, was a hit with his boss; he debuted it one morning when he showed up late to work. Larry was full of wisdom, sharing with us why wearing a kilt has changed his life (he likes “air moving down there”), how he handles homophobia (another story involving his kilt), and his love of film photography.

We gave him a dollar for a pint of beer and headed into Krispy Kreme for a dozen donuts, fresh out of the oven.

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