Madison County Championship Rodeo

Welcome to a Tendency to Wander. Our posts promise to cover a variety of subjects – from the technical aspects of photography, to the stories of those we meet, to the motivations behind the photos. Our first post is one where we’ll focus more on the motivations, with a visit to a rodeo in Madison County, North Carolina. 

First, a bit of background: the Madison County Championship Rodeo takes place every other Saturday night during the summer months – with bull riding, barrel racing, and roping. 

We’ve been photographing rodeos for just over four years; it’s one of Jordyn’s favorite projects. 

While she grew up around horses, the rodeo is still a bit of a foreign place for Jordyn. 

Western riding, roping, and cowboy hats aren’t necessarily a familiar sight for her, but the bond between a rider and their horse is. Truthfully, it’s not just the action and the horses that appeal. 

Four years ago, Jordyn’s aunt Pam passed away. 

Pam, besides being a source of love and inspiration in her life, helped Jordyn’s love of horses grow. Pam and Jordyn’s mom grew up riding horses together, and it was something that they shared with Jordyn.

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