National Park Week

Not only is tomorrow Earth Day, today kicks off National Park Week!

Traditionally, National Parks were free for all visitors during Park Week, although this year they are free only *today*. Which means today is the day - get out and explore!

Our photo is a flashback to our trip to Dry Tortugas National Park, the most remote National Park there is! Located about 70 miles away from Key West, we were lucky enough to visit this past January. Naming a favorite National Park is a tall task, but Dry Tortugas is up there on our list!

Hey, as long as we have you here, and we’re already talking about National Parks, now might be a good time to spring some news: we’re spending the summer working with the U.S. Forest Service - Umpqua National Forest in Oregon! We’ll be the official liaisons between the campground hosts and the visitor’s center, as well as helping out with the Saturday night lecture series. We’ll also be photographing all of the wonders the park has to offer - from waterfalls to the Pacific Coast Trail to hot springs!

Next week we leave El Paso and head back to Florida to finally pick up Saul Goodvan from the shop - and, we’ll spend the next month working our way up and through the Pacific Northwest. We can’t wait to share the journey with you here!

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