Prints: October

If you’re one of our backers who signed up for prints, you might have received one of these prints in the mail. If you’re not a print backer - don’t worry! You have options! 

For monthly prints, you can back us on Patreon! We love our print backers - for one, there is nothing better than holding a photo in your hand. We love pushing ourselves to find the photos that will look best on your walls, working with a printer to make sure each photo is perfect, and carefully signing, packaging, and sending your archival print along. 

Each person who gets prints monthly receives prints based on their personality - we do our best to send something that you’ll truly enjoy. We make decisions based on what we know about you, what you like (or don’t like) of ours on FB, and an idea of creating a cohesive and customized collection from our year of travel. 

If you are interested in one of these prints, you can order some off of our gallery. (We haven’t fully migrated to our Tendency to Wander gallery - so don’t be fooled by Jordyn’s name here. These prints come from both Jordyn and Justin.)

Click here to read more and to see more photos.

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