This is a post about cowboy boots, but it’s also a post about this big little town of El Paso. During our first few days in town, I spotted an amazing storefront and the words “space age” and “vintage.” Needless to say, I was intrigued. 

We returned a few days later, and … whoa. ROCKETBUSTER isn’t just boots - they are handmade, measured for each person, pieces of art. These are boots designed to include literally anything you can ever want on a boot. 

The story of Rocketbuster is pretty great as well - back in 1989, after a night of drinking, Marty Snortum, an El Paso area photographer, traded his 1953 Cadillac Hearse for a boot factory. With the logic of “hey, I’d like to make boots like Roy Rogers wore in the movies!” Rocketbuster was born. 

His now wife, Nevena, took over the business after their whirlwind long-distance romance - a New Yorker, she moved to Texas 20 years ago and quickly made El Paso a home. 

Nevena welcomed us into the shop and El Paso - we came to see boots, and we left with a better understanding of community (and tacos in El Paso). 

So, the only question left is … who wants to buy some prints to fund my new cowboyboot dreams? 

El Paso, Texas. March 2018. 

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