Tear Down That Wall

This week the Department of Homeland Security announced new construction on Trump’s Border Wall in downtown El Paso. While a fence already exists, it will be removed and replaced at a cost of $22 million. Former El Paso County Judge and Democratic nominee for El Paso’s U.S. House seat Veronica Escobar said the federal government has largely ignored the concerns of the community.

“This is really disturbing,” Escobar said Thursday to the El Paso Times. “The federal government does absolutely no outreach. They don’t inform the community and they don’t communicate with anyone. They’re just coming in and they’re going to erect this wall without any sort of engagement with anybody.”

This morning the people of El Paso made their voices heard - marching alongside the Women’s March El PasoHope Border Institute, and the Borderland Immigration Council at an event called Tear Down The Wall! The group of protesters marched through the streets of El Paso’s oldest neighborhood, chanting “Hey hey ho ho, this border wall has got to go!”

El Paso, Texas. September 2018.

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