Watson Falls

Southern Oregon is waterfall country - and some are a bit of a hike.

When we offer waterfall advice, we always recommend looking at the rating (easy, moderate, difficult) and trusting one’s ability. A one-mile difficult hike might seem doable - how hard can it be too scramble for a mile? - but a difficult rating is no joke.

Last week a gentleman came into the info center and admitted he didn’t heed our warning.

His stepfather’s name was Watson, so he decided to hike the fall in his memory. Well, about halfway up he figured Watson was up in heaven laughing at his scramble… and after that, he stuck to the easy trails!

Our goal is to visit as many waterfalls as possible - and Justin gracefully scrambled up hill for this photo from Watson Falls.

Watson Falls, North Umpqua, Oregon. June 2018.

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