Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch

Billed as “the 7th Largest Attraction in Tennessee,” the Loretta Lynn Dude Ranch features a recording studio, museums, lodging, restaurants, and replicas of her early “coal miner daughter” days.

We visited during the offseason - so most of the museums and stores were closed, and the RV park was close to empty. Still, it’s worth a trip outside of Nashville to see where Loretta Lynn lived for most of her career. The Plantation Home is also open to tours (although we skipped the formal tour).

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Unclaimed Baggage Center

The Unclaimed Baggage Center is a jewel in Scottsboro, Alabama. At about three hours from Nashville, it’s worth the drive for the experience. (And, if you’re a shopper, this is probably the end all and be all of bargain hunting.) 

Here’s the story: if you lose a bag while traveling, the airlines spend 90 days trying to reunite you with your bag. In general, they are pretty successful - in fact 99.9% of bags find their owners. 

But, when they don’t, the UBC purchases the bags - unopened - and then cleans, sorts, sells, donates, or trashes what they find. 

They fill their 40,000 square foot warehouse to the top - and do so much cleaning at their onsite drycleaner that they estimate they do more daily cleaning than a Laundromat does in a year. 

What they can’t (or won’t) sell, they donate to local charities

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Work Print Roundup 11/10/17

Welcome to our second work print roundup! As a reminder, the goal here is to share even more photos - even if they don’t fit nicely into a blog post or story format (yet). These photos might make it into our final portfolio, or they might not. They might show up in a blog post later when we realize they fit a story or a theme, or they might not. They might end up being sent out as prints or postcards, or they might not. 

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