Work Prints Roundup: 11/3/17

Welcome to our new Friday feature: the work print roundup! Our goal with our Patreon blog is to offer stories and insights into specific places or experiences. That being said, there are oodles* of photos we take each day that don’t fit into a quick or easy story. 

(*Oodles is indeed a technical term.)

Our goal for these posts is to offer a few more photos - these photos might make it into our final portfolio, or they might not. They might show up in a blog post later when we realize they fit a story or a theme, or they might not. They might end up being sent out as prints or postcards, or they might not. 

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Off of Route 66: New Mexico

Last week Justin was in Tucumcari, New Mexico to photograph a hotel for their advertising. The life of the a photographer might seem glamorous (maybe?), but there’s a lot that goes into just paying the bills. 

Beyond the struggle of shooting for a personal project versus shooting for commercial projects comes the question:  what do you do when a project comes into conflict with your own values.

For instance - how do we preserve and advocate for historic America - while also taking jobs that advertise the glitz and glam of chain hotels? 

The photo above, the Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66, is a relic from the grand days of Route 66. 

Opened in the 1940s, the Motel quickly became iconic - partially because of the kindness of the Motel’s owner, Lillian Redman:

When guests didn’t have enough money for a room, the Redmans accepted personal belongings in trade or provided the room for free. Ms. Redman and the Blue Swallow became icons of Route 66 folklore.  She described the special and close connection she had with the Route 66 motorists who came in each night this way. “I end up traveling the highway in my heart with whoever stops here for the night.”

The Blue Swallow suffered the same fate as the rest of Route 66. When I-40 was built, travelers were offered a faster way to get from point A to point B - and that way didn’t include Tucumcari, New Mexico.  

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Yellowstone National Park

National parks are near and dear to our hearts - and travel. We’re inspired by this rallying call from the National Parks Conservation Association:

“The Trump administration has proposed massive fee increases in 17 national parks – increases that could see entrance fees jump from $25 to $70 during peak season.

If this administration is serious about supporting national parks, it needs to instead work with Congress to come up with stable, sensible, long-term solutions to address the maintenance backlog – not put the burden on park visitors.

Entrance fees are part of how we all do our part to support the parks – they improve the visitor experience and help protect parks. But parks are for ALL of us, not just the people who can afford large, sudden increases in price. Not even one family should be priced out of our parks.”

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Hit It & Quidditch Roller Derby Tournament in Nashville

We get a lot of questions about our project - mostly, what’s the point? We’re figuring it out as we go - our year is about traveling, listening, taking photos, talking to folks, and looking for America. Our country is vast and fractured and complicated - but there are things that connect us. Our project, Tendency to Wander, is about finding those connections and exploring those splinters.

I don’t know if one of those connectors would be Roller Derby - but passion and camaraderie sure are. I dare anyone to check out a game of roller derby and NOT be inspired by the amazingly strong women who fly around the track. 

We were lucky enough to take in a match this weekend and the Hit It & Quidditch Roller Derby Tournament, hosted by the Nashville Rollergirls, was a blast.

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